Webb Park Certified Farmers Market
Sunday Market starts January 2, 2011
market hours: 10am-4pm
setup begins at 8:30am

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All Vendors must be checked in BY 9:30am, and Customer Ready by 9:45am.


The first image below is the proposed market layout; it is subject to change as the market progresses.

It will take a few weeks to clearly define and populate all sections, and to establish each vendors' "permanent" locations. Please keep in mind that although we have a general direction for the final layout, it will gradually fall into place as our vendor enrollment adjusts to the new market. This means that there is likely to be repeated individual shifting of spaces, and even entire groups being moved to different locations as we move closer to the planned layout.

January and February are going to be progressive months with ongoing refinements and modification; hopefully as we get further into February the market will be taking shape and looking more like its ultimate design.


Although on-site earlier, the managers are not available to coordinate market set-up with vendors prior to 8:30am, and stall spaces may not be marked yet. If you arrive before 8:30am, you may have to wait until 8:30am to receive or confirm your space assignment and/or determine the exact location of your designated space.

  • Set-up begins at 8:30am.
  • All vendors must be checked in with the managers no later than 9:30am, and must be Customer Ready by 9:45am.
  • Please bring copies of all seller permits, health certificates, and certified producer documents to be POSTED in your booth and on display AT ALL TIMES.

We cannot bring vehicles directly alongside the booth-spaces; please bring some kind of dolly, rolling crate, or wagon to help you move items between your booth and the loading/unloading areas. The market currently does not have any equipment to assist with this.

Once you have unloaded, you will be asked to move your vehicle to an out of the way location in one of the parking lots, to allow shoppers access to the most convenient parking spaces.

All vendor vehicles MUST BE MOVED AWAY FROM THE IMMEDIATE PERIMETER OF THE PARK by 9:45am. There is NO UNLOADING in the parking spaces closest to the park AFTER 9:45am.


PLEASE CALL IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE THERE, OR IF YOU WILL BE ARRIVING AFTER 9:15AM (DO NOT SEND US EMAILS ON SUNDAYS). AT 9:15AM, OPEN BOOTHS ASSIGNED TO MISSING VENDORS WHO HAVE NOT CALLED TO ADVISE THEY ARE RUNNING LATE WILL BE REASSIGNED TO STAND-BY VENDORS. There is no assurance that once your booth has been reassigned that another suitable space will be available for you to set up in when you do arrive.

RICHARD: (619) 339-1970. CLAIRE: (858) 735-5311

Please add these telephone numbers to your cell phone contact list.


Farmers, Prepared Food Vendors, Food Court and Patio Cafe.

Check in with RICHARD in the new Certified area, behind the SYLVAN LEARNING CENTER building; 16776 Bernardo Center Drive.


Community Plaza, Weekly Specialty Vendors, and Guest Monthly Market Vendors

Check in with CLAIRE in the original market area, either behind Merrill Lynch, the Optometrist Office or US Bank.

As the layout is still a work in progress, PLEASE be sure to check in with CLAIRE or RICHARD to confirm your location each week before unloading.


The market does not provide

  • canopies,
  • tables,
  • chairs or
  • access to power;

we provide only the 10x10 space for you to set up in.

Vendors are responsible for providing everything used in the set-up and operation of their market display.

The market is held inside Webb Park and displays will be set up on the grass along the walkway that winds through the Park. Vendors should consider the following:

  • Grassy areas may be wet, especially in the morning. A tarp to lay your items out on while setting up is suggested.
  • Grassy surfaces that appear level may still have areas with dips and bulges.
  • Some areas may be slightly sloped or not perfectly level; blocks to level table surfaces and/or adjusting canopy legs shorter in the back may be necessary.
  • We cannot anticipate sunny/shady areas throughout the day. If your products are sun-sensitive, you will need to plan accordingly to create your own shade as needed.

The market has a VIP Porta Pottie located in the Amphitheater between the Patio/Plaza area and the Specialty Faire. It is available for use by both Vendors and Shoppers. It is kept locked outside of Market Hours, and is cleaned before the market sets up. Vendors and shoppers may also use the Restrooms in the Lobby of the Courtyard by Marriott; the Courtyard by Marriott is located along the park walkway, near the Lake.


website: http://www.WebbParkFarmersMarket.com
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Mailing Address:

Webb Park Certified Farmers Market and Specialty Faire
PO Box 506523
San Diego, CA 92150

fax: (858) 538-7620

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